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Crisis Communication & Event Planning


Crisis Communication:

There is no faster way to destroy shareholder value and jeopardize management than a poorly handled crisis. Needless to say, “muscle memory”, the ability to react off an already established and practiced decision tree in any crisis is one of your most important tools.

Our crisis management team offers two unique services.

  1. We evaluate current crisis management plans within our client’s organization

  2. We can design one from the ground up

Our teams have advised local, state and national organizations, corporations (both public and private) and high net worth individuals. Crisis come in all shapes and sizes; whether it be an individual’s misconduct or an industrial or natural disaster. Our model and training help mitigate circumstance and provide a pathway to response and recovery.

Event Planning:

Private or public, consumer facing appearances and events can positively or negatively affect shareholder value. Our event planning team can ensure certainty of success. We help our clients set specific goals by providing strict accountability modeling as we navigate all the relevant shareholders across the organization.

We are steeped in massive and complex live event production for political campaigns, trade sectors and top corporations worldwide. The OPSEC Alliance planning group uniquely blends strategic messaging, creativity, production and security expertise with strict supervisory acumen.

Our team members have played a variety of roles in leading events such as TED, DAVOS, APAC G-8, G-22, political conventions and Presidential inaugurations. They have also supervised live TV events such as The Grammy Awards, the Kennedy Center Honors, and the Tony Awards, as well as numerous events for global companies.

Many clients engage our Event Planning Group’s media continuity program that provides continued services such as speech writing, panel/trade sector briefings and media training workshops.

“Instant Messaging” is the new world. Appearances and events, private or public, happen in real time and must be shaped in real time. Our Event Planning Group helps you meet that challenge and define your certainty for success.

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