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Protective Security:

People are the most important asset of every company. Protecting them is paramount. However, security should not adversely affect corporate messaging or slow business efficiency. OPSEC Alliance members have a proven track record in enhancing messaging and accelerating efficiency, all the while securing your executive team. We have advanced 3 U.S. Presidents, Cabinet members, numerous CEO’s, dignitaries and celebrities; planning, coordinating and/or supporting all aspects of messaging, scheduling, command and control and security. ​

Executive Placement:

The OPSEC Alliance security recruiting practice focuses on the sourcing and placement of high caliber individuals worldwide. ​

Our practice is unlike any other. Our recruiters have held the many positions they are recruiting for and are opinion leaders in next gen best practices.

They are both recruiting professionals and training specialists. Our team has a deep understanding and respect for the needs of our clients and we employ a transparent and diverse recruitment and training process.


We are steeped in technological force multipliers. Our team’s ability to identify and bring cutting edge, security technologies to market, and to our clients is a key differentiator. No clients’ needs are exactly the same and our custom, integrated technologies adapt to evolving environments.


We continue to work closely with next gen developers during ideation, development, design, manufacturing, testing and deployment of applicable security tech including communications, cameras, fiber optics, thermal radars, trackers and personal devices.

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