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OPSEC Alliance focuses solely on identifying and implementing next generation best practices in order for our clients to meet the challenges they are sure to face in a devolving safety and security world.

OPSEC Alliance’s Safety Act Resolution Team can protect your organization from enterprise threatening liability that could follow a “terrorist event” as defined by the 2002 DHS SAFETY ACT.

We re-define your safety and security envelopes; and how it is mitigated so your company can receive many of the risk management protections including liability caps, punitive damages, federal court exclusivity for jurisdiction, as well as complete immunity from third party liability.

We provide in-depth advisory services to ensure your organization can efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate the Safety Act compliance demands, liabilities and protections as it relates to your particular sector. Our team offers a turn-key process and solution to successfully gain Safety Act designation, certification and compliance and the protections that it affords you.

Our Safety Act team members are steeped in Safety Act competencies that are integrated and customized for our client. Our core competencies blend the technological and physical plant safety and security needs with DHS/Government Relations, Legal Risk Management solutions and competitive sector analysis to ensure our clients can differentiate themselves as “best in class” organizations.