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OPSEC Alliance is a leading-edge safety, security and communication firm providing integrated solutions worldwide.


Our team of specialists provide an integrated range of turn-key services and rapidly deployable workforce solutions to meet your individual, company, and/or governmental needs.

We specialize in:

  • Individual and Organizational Threat Assessment (Physical and Cyber)

  • Advance Logistics & Protective Security

  • Facility Security and Asset Protection

  • DHS Safety Act Designation, Certification, Execution and Compliance

  • Executive Placement, Staffing and Training

  • Corporate & Crisis Communication Planning and Training

  • Political, Trade and Corporate Event Planning and Execution


Unlike most firms, our deployed professionals have extensive education and managerial experience along with impeccable law enforcement and/or military credentials. We are steeped in advance logistics and seamlessly integrate those logistics into the strategic initiatives and communication needs and desires of our clients.

OPSEC Alliance has advised world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, global trade events and high net worth families and individuals. We have created, executed and/or supervised all aspects of some of the largest and most complex messaging events worldwide.

OPSEC Alliance is dedicated to quality service and long-term continuity of its implemented strategies.

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